About Us

Miracle Mind Academy conducts brain enrichment Workshop for children and adults Through the use of modern technology and advanced brain wave frequency in the joy of music and stress-free environment in human Brain development. We are awakening the human mind.

Vision & Mission

 Miracle Mind Academy's vision and mission is to help children grow their brain's learning potential to better prepare them to excel in future academics and life creating a better future by creating a better generation which helps creating more talents for our country.


Are u also looking for Business Opportunity? Then you can take up our franchise. Working with children always is challenging and very satisfying. SUPER SENSORY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME has recently been spreading well all across the world.

Our Courses

MBA For Kids
  • midbrain activation kids
  • Super Sensory Development training is one that is able to activate the brain waves called alpha-theta in a child, where these waves able to activate the super intuition,and is directly proven. Child can Read,Write,Paint, Playing games and do some activities with eyes closed.
MBA For Adult
  • midbrain activation adults
  • Extraordinary increased in virtual capacity to manage day to day stress. Ability to consciously access and assess meta-physical modality stored in the realms of the subconscious. Significant improvements in intuition, instincts, sensing ability and degree of clairvoyance.
  • quantum speed reading
  • The QSR technique is not solely about reading, however. It can also be utilised in several other creative ways for problem solving and memorizing,health improvement and stress reduction, as well as for positive thinking and only described as quasi telepathic communication.
  • Mnemonics
  • Mnemonic is a resource which provides memory aids for each word for remembering lists is to create an easily remembered acronym, or, taking each of the initial letters of the list members, create a memorable phrase in which the words with the same acronym as the material.

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